The Burilin Ivanovo Museum of Local History


The Burilin Ivanovo Museum of Local History

The Burilin Ivanovo Museum of Local History is considered to be one of the best Russian provincial museums. Its origins lie in the will of the Ivanovo-Voznyesensk manufacturer, Maecenas and collector DmitriyBurilin. The Museum opened to the public on 26 December 1914.

The design for the museum was produced in neoclassical order by the architect Pavel Trubnikov. The materials for the building were very expensive, some of them were brought from Italy – coloured tiles and mosaic for the floors and marble for the main stairs.

In his work under the collection Dmitriy Burilin was trying to bring Russian province nearer to the treasures of the world culture. In several decades (from the late 19th – to the early 20th centuries) he created the unique collection of items, which covered a wide chronological period from antiquity to the early 20th century. The collection includes books, china, painting, weapons, numismatics, objects of decorative and applied arts and many other things.